CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns in East San Jose

Dealing with missing, cracked, or otherwise compromised teeth can cause considerable distress. At Mt. Pleasant Dental Care, we provide same-day dental crowns that are an excellent solution to restore your bite, offering a quick turnaround compared to traditional methods. Our aim is to provide you with services that promote and protect the function and health of your smile while remaining convenient, precise, and beautiful.

Our crowns are effective treatments for restoring damaged or missing teeth immediately. Employing advanced CEREC® technology allows our team to create crowns that fit seamlessly into your smile, all from the comfort of our office. If you're coming into our practice with a painful broken tooth, you'll usually leave with a new, permanent crown placed and fitted at the same appointment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for same-day crowns and experience the convenience our services provide!


What Are CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that fit over compromised teeth. Crowns serve the immediate purpose of repairing broken or compromised teeth and offer a number of additional benefits. Placing crowns will help protect the underlying natural tooth and restore its function. They also work like natural teeth and can increase the confidence you have in your bite, making eating and talking more comfortable. Finally, our same-day crowns can fix unwanted gaps in your bite so you can stop hiding your smile.

When you're in need of a crown, the traditional process involves getting an impression of the tooth taken and having a temporary crown or filling placed. Then, you wait for a dental lab to create the restoration. Once it's created, you return for a second appointment where the dentist removes the temporary crown and places the permanent one.

Our same-day crowns can help you avoid downtime, extra appointments, and possible pitfalls associated with temporary crowns. The CEREC machine will create precise, durable crowns, and we'll place them in one appointment, allowing you to carry on with life quickly and confidently. Same-day crowns also eliminate the need for uncomfortable putty impressions by utilizing a precision digital scanner to make the impression of your damaged tooth.

Benefits of Our IPS e.max® Dental Crowns

Some of our main focuses when placing a permanent crown into your smile are the longevity, durability, and comfort of our treatments. One type of material we use is IPS e.max, which is a highly durable type of ceramic. These crowns offer several benefits that help to provide beautiful results that last. Some of these include:

Durability: IPS e.max crowns have become popular in restorative dentistry because of their excellent resistance to wear. With proper care, this material can help cut down on the chance of damaging your crown with everyday use, making them a great choice for your restoration needs.

Precision Fit & Excellent Retention: Fit and retention are two very important aspects of your new dental crown. Fit refers to how well the restoration incorporates into your bite, while retention basically refers to how strongly the crown is attached to your damaged tooth. Our CEREC milling machine will create same-day IPS e.max crowns that offer exceptional fit and retention.

Excellent Aesthetics: Providing natural-looking, beautiful restorations can help increase the confidence you have in your smile's appearance. The IPS e.max material provides wonderful luster and sheen, making for beautiful additions to your smile that look like real teeth.

Root Canal Therapy & Dental Crowns

Tooth infections can be very painful and lead to a distressing situation. Our team provides compassionate, effective root canal treatments if you are experiencing pain associated with an infected tooth. Once your tooth has healed after your root canal therapy, we will place your permanent CEREC crown. Throughout the process, we will be available to answer any questions and address any concerns that might come up.

Same Day Crown FAQs

Can I floss with my crown?
Yes, you can floss while wearing a crown. Flossing is an important part of your dental hygiene and remains so with your dental implant. Our dentist will teach you the proper technique for flossing around a crown when you visit our office.

Will my teeth be sensitive after the crown is placed?
Some patients report sensitivity where the crown is placed immediately following the procedure, but this sensation generally goes away relatively quickly. If you are experiencing noticeable discomfort or pain, contact our office, and we will discuss any issues you're having with your recovery.

Your Practice for CEREC Same-Day Crowns in San Jose

With the advancements in dental technology, treatments are becoming more efficient and effective than in the past. If you're struggling with broken or painful teeth and are worried about dealing with the hassle of a drawn-out or painful procedure, our convenient treatments are here to help. We always put our focus on your comfort and will be available to discuss your concerns. We feel privileged to have the tools and experience necessary to repair your smile and provide lasting results that will protect your oral health. Contact us today to schedule your same-day CEREC crown procedure and give yourself something to smile about!


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